ARION ABEE was founded in 1958 in Athens by Dipl. mechanical engineer Ioannis Fostiropoulos, holding a prominent position in the field of repair, monitoring and maintenance of vehicle transmission systems with high quality spare parts.

ARION ABEE – ION ARIS FOSTIROPOULOS & CO today is a commercial company with after sales support, with specialized executive staff and provides advanced and specialized solutions in:


➢Intra-Logistics Automation


ARION ABEE is organized in 3 fields:

➔ Provision of Specialized Solutions – Sales

➔ After Sale Technical Support, as it has a well-organized technical department for the support of its products and covers both the maintenance of the systems it represents and their general repair.

➔ Specialized Repair Workshop, which operates and develops continuously for general inspections and repairs of major systems and is supported by experienced staff and modern special equipment.




Our vision is the development of ARION ABEE in the Greek market based on its contribution to finding modern and innovative specialed equipment and solutions, for vehicles, industry and intra-logistics automation. We support our vision by establishing stable and long-term partnerships with the largest companies, which are at the cutting edge of global developments and current technology.

Mission & Strategy

Our mission is to fully satisfy the personalized needs of our customers both in the field of transport - vehicles as well as in the field of industry and intra-logistics automation in the Greek market as Greece is an important transport / logistics hub due to its geopolitical position.

To achieve our goals:

• We are committed to representing quality products and providing the best possible service to our customers, based on stable and long-term partnerships with the largest houses worldwide.

• We maximize the level of service to our customers by having a continuously trained and specialized technical force, which is constantly developing.

• We develop a way of cooperation based on trust, open and efficient collaboration and customer-oriented


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